On 17 February 2021, a meeting was held to launch an LGBTQ+ network in cycling with the assistance of Pride Sports. In total, 40 people attended the online meeting. Here are the outcomes and feedback from our initial consultation and stakeholder engagement event. There were lots of ideas and thoughts shared across several themes which, over time, we hope to focus on and prioritise as we move forward.

What are you hoping to get from the network?



  • Form a unified community of like-minded people

  • Pull resources together from multiple people/groups to deliver change

  • Make it easier to connect with other LGBTQ+ cyclists

  • See more opportunities for LGBTQ+ people to cycle and create new social connections



  • Advise other people, groups and organisations on how to be better allies

  • Learn about policies from big cycling bodies & government 

  • Learn about other people’s experiences and compare notes

  • Provide resources for ‘mainstream’ cycle clubs to better support LGBTQ+ their riders and committee members e.g. unconscious bias / inclusive language

  • Be the go-to-place for LGBTQ+ education to ensure that clubs and pathways become welcoming and inclusive place for those of all ages, irrespective of how open they are about their gender identity and sexuality


  • Tackle barriers to participation within existing cycling clubs

  • Ensure non-binary and trans people feel included

  • Build a directory of LGBTQ+ cycling clubs (and LGBTQ+ friendly) including points of contact

  • Promote a more enjoyable cycling experience for LGBTQ+ people



  • Elevate the profile of LGBTQ+ cyclists

  • Share activities and events which are happening around the country

  • Celebrate good news and share positive results

  • Collect case studies

  • Showcase LGBTQ+ cycling in the community and media


  • Promote/support expansion of the Pride Out LGBTQ+ cycling network and other groups

  • Run increased numbers of cycling events for the LGBTQ+ community

  • Get more LGBTQ+ young people into cycling

  • Make transport and leisure cycling more inclusive for LGBTQ+ people

Where do you want to see LGBTQ+ cycling in 5 years time?



  • Less people experiencing being misgendered

  • Cycling should feel available to more people with decreased feelings of anxiety/awkwardness

  • Toilet issues minimised for non-binary and trans people on bike rides

  • Better inclusion for all underrepresented communities, not just LGBTQ+

  • Transport sector to better recognise the LGBTQ+ community, their needs, and how to promote people feeling safe and included

  • Cycling should be a safer space



  • Inclusive pathways to show which clubs are LGBTQ+ inclusive from grass roots to elite level and everything in between

  • Increased number of LGBTQ+ cycling groups and network of UK events

  • More local LGBTQ+ cycling events and activities to encourage engagement

  • Solid working relationship with governing bodies & cycling organisations

  • Less need for groups like Cycling Pride



  • Greater LGBTQ+ representation at elite level and recognition of its importance

  • Increased diversity in cycling at all levels

  • More LGBTQ+ cycling workforce coming out publicly and being visible role models

  • More engagement from brands to include LGBTQ+ people in advertising

  • Representation of LGBTQ+ people in key decision making in the cycling industry 



  • Normalise LGBTQ+ people being present in cycling

  • Promote tolerance, understanding and environments where all identities are accepted

  • Next generation coming through with louder voices to challenge outdated cultures

  • Creating vibrant spaces where LGBTQ+ people feel included in all settings

  • Inclusion should be engrained in the DNA of cycling


What will the role of the network be in that?


  • Organise regular regional/national events to celebrate LGBTQ+ cyclists

  • Elevate LGBTQ+ voices in the cycling industry

  • Tell people’s stories - ‘if you can’t see it, you can’t be it’


  • Request meaningful participating statistics for LGBTQ+ cycling 

  • Be an organisation that highlights required improvements and fights for equality

  • Holding the national governing body and other large cycling organisations to account on diversity and inclusion 

  • Push British Cycling to be more inclusive of trans and non binary participation - so cycling can be seen as a role model for other sports

  • Challenge unacceptable behaviour wherever it is seen

  • Communicate goals and when results can be expected to be seen

  • Promote opportunities for marginalised people within the LGBTQ+ family



  • Find new ways of communicating which create engagement

  • Be recognised as a central point of contact for all things LGBTQ+ cycling

  • Let people know it’s okay to be LGBTQ+ and feel proud in cycling

  • Be an organised, united presence so we have strength in numbers and cannot be ignored

  • Greater visibility of LGBTQ+ people in all parts of cycling life

  • Educate about ignorance and shift mindsets

  • To be a network and bring people in from all levels

  • Function as a place to support good science and correct misinformation

  • Get more beginner LGBTQ+ people on bikes

  • Build up a network followers, engagement and mailing list

  • People who volunteer at Cycling Pride should go to big bodies with unified requests



  • Document and share good practice

  • Be aware of and educate on intersectional demographic challenges

  • Be a hub of excellence for all things LGBTQ+ cycling related sharing resources, directing and helping to guide each other through the cycling industry 

  • Develop a ‘kite mark’ equivalent that clubs can utilise to show that they are LGBTQ+ inclusive for all ages

  • Set standards of what an inclusive LGBTQ+ cycling club should look like

  • Set the bench mark for safe welcoming spaces and support systems


Can you support us? Get in touch using the social media links above or by contacting us